Medical experts recommend we should all masturbate regularly during the lockdown period to increase our immunity. Health experts say that masturbation can promote better sleep patterns, can lead to stages of Euphoria, and boost the immune system that helps us fight cold, flu, and other oral infections.

This is not a foolish talk at all because the study was performed on people who were stuck inside back in 2004 in which a pair of researchers asked 11 men to engage in masturbation till they climax and after this drew their blood samples to measure the number of t-cells which are natural killer in the body and 45 minutes later the levels of cells were higher after they masturbated. This study concluded that the components of immunity such as lymphocyte circulation and cytokine production in the body were activated by orgasms and sexual arousal.

According to doctors, having orgasms is the best possible way to punch dopamine which is a completely non-drug induced blast you can experience. Moreover, during these times like this, when everyone is trying to protect others and their lives from the deadly virus by staying indoors, what is the other better way to kill the time?

Another study conducted in 2016 was titled “Ejaculation frequency and successive risk of Prostate cancer among men” concluded that I am capable to reduce the risk of prostate cancer by almost 10%. For this, they all have to masturbate using masturbation sex toys to achieve orgasms between 10 to 12 times a month.

It is quite unfortunate that 2020 was excruciatingly depressing and most of us lost our libidos. Am I right? But worry not – there is no proof that if you would have masturbated more in actuality, it would have helped you any better. First of all, it is important to understand that study that was conducted on 11 men was so much a small number as equivalent as to be near meaningless. Moreover, had there been any study on orgasms on a larger group of men which concluded that using masturbator while engaging in masturbation increases the levels of natural white cells in the body that also does not say much in detail. In fact, there hasn’t been any study done with particular findings that conclude that masturbation promotes the immunity in the body that helps it fight off bad infections.

Presently, in case you believe in the possibility that you could fight off the cold and flu away just by having masturbation, you may have coincidentally found this research in the Psychological Reports, which showed that individuals who engaged in sexual relations two or more than 3 times each and every week had more significant levels of antibody agent (IgA, which contributes a pivotal part in the development of immune system) than the individuals who had pretty much the same level of sexual encounters or more number of sexual pleasures in a week.

Maybe it is not just the sex that helps in promoting the immune system; the sexual partner may be the reason behind the increase immunity against infections, or not even the climax. “Individuals explicitly engaged in sexual relationships might be presented to a lot more bacteria and prone to infection causing viruses than those who are not sexually active,” said Clifford Lowell, an immunologist at the University of California at San Francisco.

Curiously, when inquired as to why men and women who have intercourse more frequently than one to three times a week had lower IgA levels, one of the examination representative mentioned that they “might be in abusive or poor relationship causing them a great deal of stress,” which causes IgA levels to reduce rapidly.

We hope you are not going to masturbate just because it can’t replace zinc and vitamin c in the body.

Masturbation is really enjoyable and so much healthy. Furthermore, using masturbators to stimulate the genital organs does not carry the same amount of risk of getting infected with Covid-19 as having sex with someone does since you are following social distance norms. In fact, we can conclude that you can’t beat the virus this way but you can’t harm anyone for sure.

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